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Deprecation cycles

What are deprecated values?

The JSON format evolves on each app update. Sometimes, this means removing some values that are no longer relevant.

This is mandatory to keep the JSON format clean, consistent and future proof.

You can find the full listing of deprecated values here in the JSON format documentation.

General principle

The general pattern of a deprecation cycle is this:

  1. a breaking change is introduced in update x.y
  2. until version x.y+2 (ie. 2 “major” versions later), the old JSON format will be preserved, along with the new format.
  3. starting from version x.y+2, the old format is permanently dropped and the new format becomes the norm.


Version 1.2.0 introduces a breaking change by removing the field Foo. The field will stay in the JSON until update 1.4.0 (ie. 2 big updates down the line).

What can you do?

  1. Check the deprecation listing when an update comes out.
  2. If a field is planned to be removed in the future, you can check its documentation for instructions on how to update your code. In most cases, it’s just a matter of either:
    • Renaming the field to use a new one,
    • Using a new field that has a new type and the documentation should provide details about that.

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