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Reloading data at runtime


TLDR; the project JSON string is embedded at compilation-time for easier usage. So, if you edit your levels afterward, the embedded levels won’t automatically update, unless you recompile your code.

Explanation: you simply need to realize that the project.json parsing occurs at 2 distinct moments:

  1. at compilation time, the JSON is parsed and its content is used to build the data structure and strict-typing for your code. For example, all the are transformed into actual fields of the all_levels field in your project instance.
  2. at runtime, the JSON is parsed for its actual content, and the typed structure is populated with values. By default, the last JSON content used for compilation is also re-used to initialize your project instance.

Loading project JSON at runtime

You have 2 easy ways to parse an updated JSON project file at runtime.

1. Using the constructor optional parameter

var jsonContent : String = WhateverFileApiYouUse.readFile("myProject.json");

var p = new MyProject( jsonString ); // will override embedded JSON

2. Calling parseJson()

The parseJson() method dynamically updates a project instance values:

function onMyProjectFileChangeOnDisk(newJsonFileContent:String) {
    p.parseJson( newJsonFileContent );