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Super simple export

I know: for every new tool out there, there is this moment when you need to write the importer for your favorite game engine.

I’ve been there too, so LDtk offers a “Super simple export” option.

How does the Super Simple export work?

Enable the option and you will get:

  • One PNG per layer in each level.
  • A “composite” PNG per level (ie. all layers merged together).
  • A very simple, straightforward and optional JSON file per level, if you want to access your Entities data or other information.
  • For “IntGrid” layers, you will also get a plain-text CSV file as well.

So, if you want to display a LDtk level in your engine, just load the composite PNG and, you’re done. Or assemble your layers PNGs individually.

Enable super simple export

Locate your files

  1. Save your project at least once. LDtk will build all the Simplified files.
  2. Click on the Folder icon near the “Super simple export” option:

Each level from your project has its own separate folder. Each of them contains:

  • _composite.png: the image representing the full level render
  • data.json: the text file containing extra level information and entities.
  • one PNG per layer (eg. backgroundLayer.png),
  • one PNG per IntGrid layer (eg. collisions-int.png). This one is special: it contains a representation of your IntGrid layer, where 1 pixel is 1 grid cell of this layer. The color of the pixel is the IntGrid value color.
  • one CSV per IntGrid layer (eg. collisions.csv). Same data as in the previous PNG, but in a plain-text format.