Design philosophy

I developed LDtk as the backbone of my game dev life.

My first game, Nuclear Blaze, relies entirely on this tool, and was even intended as a “proof-of-concept” for it.

I tried to make it my dream tool, while keeping the scope reasonable. This means that LDtk sure has many features, but not all of them.

It is designed with user experience first in mind: do less, but do it right.

About the author

My name is Sébastien Benard, aka deepnight.

I’ve been making games professionally since 2001 (for more than 20yrs as of today) and I worked on various titles, including the recent successful roguelite, Dead Cells.

I left the company I created with old friends years ago, Motion Twin, to explore new paths as an indie dev, and founded Deepnight Games, a one-man studio.

My first game, Nuclear Blaze, 100% relies on LDtk and was intended to be a “proof-of-concept” for this level editor, and to check if it was viable for real released projects.